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August Newsletter - Citrus Sale, Saturday August 26, 9am to 3pm

Benefits of Citrus: An apple a day keeps the doctor away is a saying regarded by many as meaning eat your fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet. However, this could be even more true if it is said to be citrus. The universal diet is said to constitute salt, fat and acid. These three vary culturally as to how they are incorporated into the diet; nevertheless, they are required elements for balanced nutrition. The best way to consume citrus is whole, since much of its nutrients are found in the peel and fiber, not just in the juice. And, it tastes great plain or as juice or prepared as in a salad dressing, as a topping for fish or meat, or as a jelly, jam or marmalade.

Citrus is an acid. Citrus trees cover a class of around 150 varieties. Their benefits include, but are not limited to: Vitamin C, citric acid, flavonoids, carotenoids, folate, phenolic acids, and minerals. Together, these benefits work to keep your immune system strong and out of the doctor's office. Vitamin C is full of antioxidants, protecting your cells and reducing inflammation, while lowering blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.

Citric acid is known to reduce kidney stone formation. Flavonoids are found most in the red and orange citrus and protect the cardiovascular system. Carotenoids fight cancer cells, balance blood sugars, and protect the nervous system. Citrus is rich in folate, which is necessary for DNA production and fetal development. Citrus contains several phenolic acids which can stimulate enzymes, the liver and platelet production. Minerals are found most in the peels as phosphorus, calcium, copper, zinc, manganese, selenium, magnesium and iron.

To celebrate citrus, we will be having a special Citrus Sale Saturday August 26h from 9am to 3pm. Citrus trees will be sold for $40 each for that day only. Go to the Pricelist on our website to find a list of the fourteen most common citrus found here. Mahalo for subscribing to this newsletter and please share if you found this helpful. Aloha! Ted

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