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   The nursery is growing steadily. Felipe Mejia grafted the first trees here, mainly Kahalu Avocados. Ben Pimentel grafted the first trees in the nursery, mango and avocado. Today, Miguel Rosario is expanding the nursery with a variety of citrus, mango and avocado. Kaleb Thomas is doing the work developing the rootstock. The rootstock for the mango and avocado are any kine as no one kind has shown itself substantially better against the fungus and weather conditions change substantially on the island depending upon the location. Citrus, on the other hand, does have a best rootstock against the fungus according to the Florida Citrus Propagation Program(CPP). That is the Carrizo Kuharski type, which we use for the citrus rootstock.

   Sweet White Pineapple plants are available as early as July. They are kept moist on potting soil to develop roots and are sold as is.  Prices for pineapple plants are $4 small, $6 medium, $8 large. We recommend planting on weed cloth with overhead mist irrigation, if required. 

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