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September Newsletter

Maui Strong

We, here at Bennett Farm and Nursery, have been devastated by the devastating fires on Maui and their effects. It appears that about one thousand people have died in the fires, mainly in Lahaina. People have lost everything; their homes, their possessions, their friends and family members.

We have decided to act. On our last harvest, we decided to donate 400 lbs of pumpkin squash to Maui through Jacquie at the Sweet Cane Cafe. Very quickly, we decided that is not enough. Thus, we have opened the home here, a Log Cabin House, as a hosted rental as a fundraiser for those on Maui working to rebuild their lives. If you are interested in more, we have a new webpage on our website entitled “Hosted Rental”. All of the funds received through this account will go toward Maui. We are Maui Strong and Lahaina Strong here.

Here is the latest. The Sweet White Pineapple harvest is almost over. It is now time to replenish the fields by boosting the soil and planting new rows. While we have around 40 mango trees, they are not producing fruit. Thus, we are working to find out what to do to make the trees healthy to produce fruit. It is a fungus that is causing most of the problem. It is time to continue to plant the squash on the full moon and new moon. We are rebuilding fallen parts of the stone walls collapsed due to earthquakes or settling. We are continually maintaining the mower, hedge trimmer and weed eater to tend to the grass that can grow 3 inches a day.

Nevertheless, with this seeming adversity, none of the challenges here can compare the hardship and destruction found on Maui. Instead, we turn our attention to the much we have to be grateful for; our lives, our land, our homes and our relationships. I am so grateful for Kaleb Thomas, whose 29 year old body and indomitable spirit makes the farm and nursery grow. He harvested 500 lbs of bananas in 1 hour and 30 minutes this month! I am so grateful for Jacquie at Sweet Cane Cafe in Hilo, who buys all the produce from here and knows how to make my life easier. Most of all, I am grateful to God, who gives my life purpose and direction and love. Thank you Father!

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